If you are the heart and soul of your business, you may be looking for someone to help provide you services to propel your company to the next level.


A good CEO Results Coach is a life coach for business owners that offers a multitude of different services. That’s what we do. We work with you to increase your skills and confidence while solving today’s urgent problems, so you can achieve the results you demand, desire, and deserve. The rewards are less stress, success, financial prosperity, and, most importantly, a balanced life. Want to restore balance to your life and achieve greater business success? Bob motivates and guides you, providing the information and technology you need precisely when you need it.

Working directly with the Owner (or CEO or President), Bob implements changes that improve the bottom line of the business. These services, typically available only to larger organizations, are offered to clients whose companies have annual revenues ranging from $2 to $25 million.

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Bob is uniquely qualified as a CEO Results Coach. His academic and business qualifications are stellar. Running companies in a variety of fields and turning around dozens of troubled enterprises, including a $1.2 billion dollar wholesale business, Bob delivers impressive results. His educational achievements include a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, a Master’s degree in Taxation as well as passing the CPA exam.

CEO Results Coaching can help you with these business services and more.

Financial Process Improvement

CRC has developed a thirteen-week cash flow management program that is sophisticated enough to project the cash flow for the company for the next three months of business. It is simple enough that the client can use it with great success once the software program once we install and train the client.

Many companies are in financial trouble because of the company’s lack of ability to set proper credit limits and collect their accounts receivable balances from their customers. CRC has developed a credit and collections procedure that supports the client’s efforts to establish appropriate credit limits with their customers and collect their receivables within industry standards of day’s sales outstanding

CRC has been asked to develop a formal business plan for start-up businesses by clients that are considering going to the market to raise debt or equity funds. CRC has developed business plans for companies that are looking for a line of credit from a commercial bank as little as $250,000 to a start-up international medical practice looking to raise $250 million.

Sales and Marketing Improvement

CRC has worked with clients to empower their sales force by setting attainable goals with measurable results that allow the sales force to be held accountable to the client’s standards, to themselves, and the rest of the sales team. Once accountability can be measured accurately, it can be improved!

CRC works with clients to determine the best method to get the client’s products or services out on the market, such as using a network of independent distributors, a chain of convenience stores, product catalogs, internet marketing, etc. CRC helps to develop the best strategy, implement it, execute it, and evaluate the results.

Organizing Distribution Networks and Internal Sales structure to take full advantage of every business development opportunity that comes into the sales funnel is often a key factor overlooked. CRC works with the client to delegate responsibility appropriately through the chain of command, which will allow for one person to effectively lead thousands through a sales network.

Competition and ever-changing market conditions can make product pricing a difficult task. A properly priced product or service should be continually monitored to maximize the client’s gross profit margins and best capture the entire target market.

Speed to market, “Grand Opening” campaigns, patent procedures, product placement, competitive pricing, branding, and copywriting are just a few of the crossroads encountered when mapping out how CRC works with their clients to introduce a new product to the market.

CRC assists its clients with compensation plans that will motivate the sales team and maximize their efforts and results for the company. CRC believes in motivating salespeople by opportunity! We believe that it is crucial to incentivize the client’s sales force to perform at its highest level with a well-designed compensation and mobility program.

​Business Development

CRC will develop compensation plans for executives in the client’s organization that will properly align the reward of the effort of the executive with the company’s quarterly and annual goals.

CRC will work with the client’s executives helping them to determine the “outcomes” they need to accomplish with their efforts to make the client successful. CRC assists the client’s executives to make sure that their results are rewarded, not their efforts.

CRC believes that a team of “focused” employees whose individual daily activities are in line with the long-term corporate mission is attainable. Documenting and communicating the position descriptions along with the chart of organization to all employees helps everyone in the organization to understand their role and responsibilities clearly.

CRC will work with the client to recruit and hire the best-qualified candidate for the open management position for the client. If that position is determined to be temporary, CRC will contact temporary staffing firms with the job order to find, negotiate, and place the qualified candidate.

Fewer things are of higher importance in any business than having the right people in the client’s company and on their management team. CRC can effectively recruit, interview, hire, and train all employee levels from administration to senior management.

Special Project Support

CRC will develop the proper financial strategies for the client to support the client’s effort to make the company profitable and cash flow positive. In most of CRC’s Profit Improvement Engagements, CRC will work “hands-on” with the client to turn-around the client’s results of operations because of CRC’s specialized experience in this field.

CRC will perform Due Diligence Audits for companies that are considering being sold or acquired. CRC has worked with several clients preparing the company to improve its balance sheet and income statement to make the company a more attractive target and enhance the value of the target company to the acquiring company.

CRC works with clients during Merger and Acquisitions transactions performing feasibility studies on potential target companies. We review financials, sales, and marketing compatibility, merging operations, eliminate redundant functions and expenses, and develop a plan for acquisition and merger of the two operations.

CRC works with clients interested in doing a Start-up Business Venture by creating a business plan that will describe all functional areas of the business including the business model, the sales and marketing vision, the management team, the break-even plan, and the capital needed to support the ramp-up of the business. After developing the business plan, CRC will assist the client raise funds from Angel Investors, venture capital firms, private equity firms, etc.

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