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CEO and Leader

To our clients, past, present, and future:

I am Bob Curry, an author, and owner of CEO Results Coaching. It is incredible how often we hear a similar message and experience the same issues from new clients. Owners/CEOs feel like they are on an island with no one to turn to for advice. Unfocused employees are draining the company of its energy and funds, and sales teams have forgotten how to close deals. These clients say, in a desperate tone, “Bob, this just isn’t what I envisioned.” Our role is to refocus their efforts, so they can resurrect the original passion and vision that motivated them to start their company. The results increased sales and profits, plus the ability to manage your company successfully.

Achieve new levels of success.

A client can have a great product in a good location in a growing industry during a strong economy with a weak management team, and the company will still lose money. A client can have a vulnerable product in a poor location in a declining industry during a weak economy with a strong management team and always make money. The difference is the management team, and regardless of the other variables, the company can be profitable.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a partner, a sounding board, and a valuable resource that understands your vision and has a thorough first-hand working knowledge of your company? Initially, we don’t focus on the client’s products or services. The majority of our attention is on the company’s management team; then, we expand our efforts to other areas such as the policies and procedures, goals and objectives, the competition, long-term vision, products and services, growing sales and gross profit, and, finally, compensation plans. Without a focused and efficient management team, everything that follows, including that vision, is impossible.

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Industry Experience

Bob Curry’s range of industry experience is extensive, including “C” level management and turnarounds in retail, distribution, manufacturing, construction, education, service, general and sub-contracting, and beyond. Regardless of your product or service, Bob already speaks your language. His true passion is helping clients to learn and improve their practice of “successfully managing their business to strong profits and positive cash flow.”

  • Large Wholesale Distribution Company to Convenience Stores ($500 Million)
  • Sheet Metal and Roofing Company ($40 Million)
  • Saw Blade Manufacturer ($10 Million)
  • Executive Recruiting Company for the Aerospace Industry ($80 Million)
  • Homebuilders & Commercial Construction (General or Sub) ($100 Million)
  • Nursery / Landscaping Company ($45 Million)
  • Chain of Crab Cake Restaurants ($15 Million)
  • Chain of Steak Restaurants ($70 Million)
  • Computer Software Design Company ($20 Million)
  • Post Production Studio in the Television and Movie Industry ($7 Million)
  • Farm that Grows Plants for the Florist Industry ($20 Million)
  • Professional Employment Organization “PEO” ($756 Million)
  • 2 – Geotechnical Engineering Companies ($28 and $3 Million)
  • Sales and Promotional Company ($7 Million)
  • 2 – Hurricane Shutter Companies ($7 and $3 Million)
  • Paper Manufacturer ($90 Million)
  • Telephone Switch Assembly Company ($600 Million)
  • Men’s Retail Clothing Chain ($35 Million)
  • Chemical Company for the Restaurant Industry ($2.5 Million)
  • Website Solutions and Design Company ($7 Million)
  • Promotional Products Company ($4.5 Million)
  • Telemedicine Company ($1.2 Million)

Coaching For CEO's & Business Owners

You are the heart and soul of your business. A good CEO Results Coach is a life coach for business owners. That’s what we do. We work with you to increase your skills and confidence while solving today’s urgent problems, so you can achieve the results you demand, desire, and deserve. The rewards are less stress, success, financial prosperity, and, most importantly, a balanced life.

No one can do it all. It’s okay to ask for help! Smart business people look to professionals to solve complex problems such as insufficient cash flow, unpaid taxes, and personnel issues. CRC specializes in solving short-term problems like these while putting systems in place that guarantee success in the future. We can save your company, help you to make more money with less stress and improve your family life.

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