How much does a Terminated Employee Cost?


terminated employee cost
How much does a terminated employee cost

How Much Does A Terminated Employee Cost – The estimated cost of firing an employee depends on several variables, such as:

  • The value of the lost productivity for the employee.
  • Severance pay.
  • There is a loss of sales due to fired employee’s existing customers.
  • There maybe relocation costs, executive search firm fees, etc. for the replacement.
  • The employee’s manager and HR manager’s time used with the firing and the new hire.
How Much Does A Terminated Employee Cost? Administrative time used for functions such as:

o   Terminated employee,

  • Ending the employee’s benefits,
  • An exit interview,
  • Changing locks or system passwords,
  • Notifying customers, vendors, etc.,
  • The security over the employee’s email accounts,
  • The collection of the company’s materials,

o   New hire employee,

  • Developing and placing ads for the staff replacement,
  • Updating the job description and salary requirements for the position,
  • Recruiting,
  • Reviewing resumes,
  • Interviewing candidates,
  • The hiring process (reference checks, background checks, new hire paperwork, etc.)
  • The “onboarding” process,
  • Technical training time,
  • Set up of computer, phone, etc. (technology setup),
  • Reduced productivity due to the “ramp-up period” for the new employee.

Also, related to the termination and hiring a new employee, there are several hidden costs as listed above. Therefore, each can reduce the productivity of the business.

How Much Does A Terminated Employee Cost?

Per industry experts, you are going to be surprised by the employee turnover costs. For staff or a middle manager, the additional expense is between 50% and 200% of the employee’s annual salary. Therefore, the turnover cost of highly productive salespeople or top executives is between 150% and 350% of the employee’s salary.

How Much Does A Terminated Employee Cost? The cost of making a “bad hire” is expensive. Take your time and go through the proper hiring process when searching for a new employee. Quickly finding someone is not the answer. The risk of shortcutting the hiring process is much higher than the reward. Yes, hiring another weak employee is never a reward.

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