Take care of Superstar Employees!


Take care of Superstar Employees
Take care of Superstar Employees!

Take care of Superstar Employees! In several of my articles, I wrote about a weak employee on the management team. I usually recommend to either replace the person or train them to handle the job responsibilities better.

In several situations with clients, the opposite is true. A superstar employee impacts the client causing great success. Unfortunately, there are times when the company is losing money and stressed. As a result, that superstar goes unnoticed.

One of my clients, an engineering firm, had a young employee who worked in the construction testing department. During the turnaround engagement, he would often stop in to see me early in the morning before he would go out in the field to do his daily duties. Many times he “very professionally” offered suggestions on how the company could reduce costs. He stated he wanted to improve efficiencies and develop a much better customer service policy for the firm’s clients. He was not acting as a “whistleblower,” but suggested some very valid ideas on how to improve functions within his department. Initially, because he was so young, I would listen to him and then continue with what I was working on at the time.

One morning he showed up at my office with a typed list of bullet points of his ideas on how to improve the company’s service and reduce costs at the same time. He gave me a copy of his list, and we talked for 2 hours about all his ideas. As he spoke, I took notes because 90% of what he said was useful to my turnaround engagement. I knew that he was an excellent employee to the company, but I also recognized that he would be a more valuable manager for this client.

Take care of Superstar Employees! This young man was proving that he was a “Superstar!”

Within a week of our meeting, a field supervisor position opened, and I promoted him to the job. I monitored him in his new role and the teams he was supervising. His group of engineers performs more profitable than any other teams in the firm.

During the engagement, I implemented most the changes that he suggested from our morning meetings. I promoted him again to the manager of the department by the end of the turnaround engagement. He was responsible for sixty the field engineers of the branch.

Equally as important to getting rid of the “deadwood” within a company to improve the cash flow, corporate culture, and employee morale, acknowledging and promoting the “superstars” are very impactful to accomplish the profit goals.

Take care of Superstar Employees! If you do, they will take care of you!

My name is Robert Curry, and I am an Author, CEO Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Turnaround Specialist. Over the past 20 years, I have worked with more than 70 companies taking their businesses from Loses to Profits.

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From Red to Black & The Turnaround
"From Red to Black" & "The Turnaround"

To our clients, past, present, and future:

I am Bob Curry, an author, and owner of CEO Results Coaching. It is incredible how often we hear a similar message and experience the same issues from new clients. Owners/CEOs feel like they are on an island with no one to turn to for advice. Unfocused employees are draining the company of its energy and funds, and sales teams have forgotten how to close deals. These clients say, in a desperate tone, “Bob, this just isn’t what I envisioned.” Our role is to refocus their efforts, so they can resurrect the original passion and vision that motivated them to start their company. The results, sales, and profits increase sales and profits, plus the ability to manage growth successfully.