Marketing 101 – More than Super Bowl ads.

Marketing 101
Marketing 101

Marketing 101 – Watching the Super Bowl every year, you’d think that you will see “marketing” with all those big budget commercials. Those entertaining moments are the result of the marketing process, sometimes. Often they are attempts to be different or funny that don’t resonate with the customer, and then they don’t work. These Super Bown advertisements are not Marketing 101.

You can do better. Marketing your business is easy. Just follow a few simple steps.

1. Marketing 101 – Who is the current customer? Answer these simple questions:
  • Age
  • Male or female
  • Income
  • Geographic area or neighborhood
  • Essential factors (car owner, student, mom)
  • Why did they select your business for the first time?
  • Why do they come back?
 2. Marketing 101 – Build your business by targeting the following groups:
  • Current customers (by creating more revenue per person)
  • New customers like the existing customers (a good target for ads)
  • A whole new group of individuals likely to become customers (after you’ve reached the first two categories above. Going off on advertising tangents is an expensive mistake.)
3. Marketing 101 – Communicate to each of the groups targeted in Step 2 as follows:
  • Pick one logo, one color scheme, and one tagline and put it on EVERYTHING. Your money farther when people can identify you.
  • For current customers, use low-cost gifts with purchase for buying new products or services and loyalty punch cards. Loyalty plans increase visits and sales.
  • Get all the attention you can from potential customers. Things like car wraps, signs on the building, cards, and postcards work well.
  • Do not buy ads unless you know, really know that you will be reaching the right people.
4. Marketing 101 – For every marketing effort, including a trackable feature, like a special offer. Always measure the results of every special offer.
5. Marketing 101 – Make sure that your website is user-friendly. Don’t bury important information, like the phone number, to look techno-cool. People will click off!

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