Look and Act Positive

Look and Act Professional
Look and Act Positive

Above all, one of a manager’s very important responsibilities is to always look and act positive.

When I was very young in my first senior management position, I was under great stress at work. I was 27 years old and the Controller of a $300 million-dollar public company. I loved my job and was very proud of myself to land and maintain such a big position at that young age. Back then, when I sat in management meetings, most of the other executives were twice my age and older. At that time in my life, I was married with two young children. I felt huge stress to keep my job and support my family. It was clear to me that my Controller responsibilities were truly over my head at that time in my career. As a result, I worked long hours to make up for my young age and inexperience.

A manager should always look and act positive to create a great working atmosphere for his or her employees.

Look and Act Professional
Look and Act Positive (not like this guy!)

Now, turn the clock ahead 38 years. I have a wonderful client (great owners, wonderful company, and many dedicated employees) in Utah. One of the owners of the company has the same bad habit that I had many years ago. The problem is easy for me to recognize since I did the same thing. He is clearly under stress and shows it daily. He does not know how to manage his own stressful situation. When he feels stress, it is so very obvious to everyone that works for the company. The problem is, when the sale team feels his stress, they react the same way, therefore their productivity flatlines. When he is up, the whole company is up, but when he is down, the whole company is down. It is unbelievable the impact one person can have on the productivity of the whole company.

The moral to this true story is if you manage people, you need to display a very positive attitude 100% of the time.

If you are not doing this, you are not a good manager and need to change immediately. Your job is to make your employees productive, not flatlined!

My name is Robert Curry, and I am an Author, CEO Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Turnaround Specialist. Over the past 20 years, I have worked with more than 75 companies taking their businesses from “Loses to Profits.” Please click on the links below to read some of my other articles like Look and Act Positive.

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"From Red to Black" & "The Turnaround"

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I am Bob Curry, an author, and owner of CEO Results Coaching. It is incredible how often we hear a similar message and experience the same issues from new clients. Owners/CEOs feel like they are on an island with no one to turn to for advice. Unfocused employees are draining the company of its energy and funds, and sales teams have forgotten how to close deals. These clients say, in a desperate tone, “Bob, this just isn’t what I envisioned.” Our role is to refocus their efforts, so they can resurrect the original passion and vision that motivated them to start their company. The results, sales, and profits increase sales and profits, plus the ability to manage growth successfully.