Technician Reporting Systems

Technician Reporting Systems
Technician Reporting Systems

Technician reporting Systems was key to our success. My new service manager, Chris asked me for the current month’s reports of the revenue per service tech. Unfortunately, there was no such reporting that I was aware. I met with the company controller to determine what was available from the accounting software. He asked me to give him 24 hours. He said he would review the software manuals and provide me with an answer tomorrow.

The next morning, Darren was knocking at my office door at 7:30 am with a big smile on his face. He handed me a report on an Excel spreadsheet. The report showed the monthly invoices by serial number sorted by the technician for the current month. I reviewed the information and found a few problems.

Technician reporting systems revealed problems.

Several serial numbers were missing from the report. Darren had no idea why they were missing. Then there were vast differences in the monthly totals of revenue by the service technician. I did not know if the variance in the totals was due to missing paperwork or some technicians were not productive billing their time.

Darren followed up on the missing paperwork for the month. I also asked him to run the report by month for the past year. He ran the reports and followed up on missing paperwork for the year. Darren shared with me later that day that he’s tracking down $84,000 of missing invoices going back as far of 11 months. He also told me that of the 20 techs, 15 had all their paperwork processed. The other five were responsible for all the missing invoices.

By noon the next day, Darren handed me a binder with 12 reports. He told me that all the missing invoices were recovered, processed, and now the reports were accurate.

Behind the monthly reports, Darren produced graphs showing the monthly production of each technician along with a chart showing the top revenue producer to the lowest. What a beautiful tool I was able to hand to Chris, ranking the technicians by revenue.

Profits increased by $84,000 just because of new operational reporting for the service department.

Technician reporting systems – My first instinct was to get involved and fix the problem techs on the bottom of the report. But I decided that I was going to let Chris handle the issue. I met with Chris that afternoon, provided him the information from Darren. I asked him to review the data, and to speak to the techs. Chris was to let me know his plan on how to deal with the issues.

The following Monday, Chris and I met to discuss the status of his service department.

First, he created a department policy that all paperwork would be turned in each morning for the prior day. His assistant was going to account for the serial numbers and let him know if any were not received.

Second, he interviewed the bottom ten revenue producers. Chris had an opinion of each tech whether he can help them improve or terminate and replace them. His plan for this week was to meet with each of the other technicians to get to know them. His goal was to find out if they have any issues that they need to share with him.

The Technician reporting systems supported Chris with the clean up of the department.

He provided me with a copy of the service backlog report. He said that he would have the report cleaned up and current within two weeks. Chris gave me a revenue projection by month for the next six months. I did not ask for the forecast, but I appreciated receiving it. The sales by month showed a steady increase, and by the sixth month, the expected revenue almost doubled. I told Chris if he could accomplish this, he would be confirming that I did hire the best service manager in Pennsylvania. Chris smiled and said that he would never give me numbers that he did not think that he could achieve. He also added – the best service manager in the country!

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