Management by Wandering Around to Increase Profits!

Management wandering around
Management by Wandering Around to Increase Profits!

Management by wandering around is good because it increases profits. This practice is “code” for get up from your desk and go see what all your employees are doing and if they are productive?

If you want to reduce the “cost of operations” for your company, set the reminder in your Microsoft Outlook to go off once every hour. When the alarm goes off, get up from your desk and go wandering around to observe which employees are busy working and which ones are not. If you have employees out in the field at a customer’s location, visit them without notification that you are coming. If you surprise your people a couple of times, they will work harder because they don’t know when you are going to show up.

Management by wandering around helps get deadwood off your payroll. Therefore, the company makes more profit!

Many times, I compare businesses to professional sports teams to make a point with my articles. Think about it, do you think the New England Patriots practice during the week with Bill Belichick in his office doing paperwork? Have you ever seen a Patriots football game without him on the sideline directly supervising the players? Football teams review video recordings of the games to see how they can better manage their players to perform better on the field. There is no doubt about it, the more direct supervision of your team, the better their production. Management by wandering around increases profits.

Management by wandering around improves the productivity of all employees. 

If there are employees that are consistently not busy, terminate them! Now is not the time to have “fat” in your organization, because it is time to survive! Deadwood or employees with bad attitudes on the payroll does not grow profits. If there are employees in your organization who are not consistently busy, you don’t need them! Save the payroll dollars and turn them into profits!

Management by wandering around keeps the business leader in touch with everything that is going on in the business.

My name is Robert Curry, and I am an Author, CEO Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Turnaround Specialist. Over the past 20 years, I have worked with more than 70 companies taking their businesses from Loses to Profits.

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